How to Pronounce TIRED


TIRED is a tough word to pronounce -- learn it sound by sound. Practice it slowly over and over to master this word! YouTube blocked? Click here to see the video. Video Text: In this American English … [Read more...]

The Book is HERE!!!!


I'm so happy to announce, that after months of hard work, my eBook, American English Pronunciation, is finally available! The book, which includes 2 and a half hours of audio, is priced at just $37. Get it today:  the Rachel's English guide to … [Read more...]

WHAT DID Reduction


'What did' is often reduced in conversational English ... that means it's not very clear.  Can you hear it in a sentence?  It can be just one syllable.  Learn how to understand this reduction when you hear it and pronounce it yourself, giving you … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Quiz Answers

Last week, I made a listening comprehension video while I was preparing food for Thanksgiving. You can see that video here, or below. The three questions follow, along with the answers. The transcript has the contractions from the three questions in … [Read more...]

How to Pronounce VULNERABLE


The Word 'vulnerable' is tough:  two Dark L's and the schwa-R sound.  Break this word down sound by sound an syllable by syllable to get comfortable pronouncing and using this word in English conversation. YouTube blocked? Click here to see the … [Read more...]