Join me at Thanksgiving Dinner!

437 - Periscope Thanks

An invitation to Thanksgiving!  Join me this year by following me on Periscope -- I will do a live broadcast from Thanksgiving dinner.  See the traditions of this holiday!  Periscope is a free app.  You can follow me @Rachels_English. YouTube … [Read more...]

Animal Idioms

435 - Animal-Idioms-Thumb

Learn Animal Idioms in this collaboration with JenniferESL. This compilation video has all the animal idioms you could want: chicken, pecking order, chicken out, flew the coop, run around like a chicken with its head cut off, high horse, stop horsing … [Read more...]

Apple Dumplings – Real Life English Conversation Study


Study real American English conversation. Learn about reductions, contractions, the pronunciation of 'the', the idiom 'to be on a kick', the idiom 'mess up', -ing words, the words 'whoops' and 'crap', and the reduction of 'and' -- all while making … [Read more...]

How to Pronounce QUESTION


How to say 'Question' with an American Accent? Get tips on the pronunciation and improve your spoken English. Hint: the letter T is pronounced "ch". YouTube blocked? Click here to see the video. Video … [Read more...]