Flap T Exceptions?

Special thanks to Lin L for this question: Question: Are these words exceptions to the Flap T rule (T’s between vowels are Flap T’s):  Secretary, cemetery, tentative Are there patterns to exceptions?  Answer: First, let me clarify the … [Read more...]

Voice Analysis Software

rack vs. rag

In some of my videos, I will show an image of the volume or pitch of the voice to illustrate a point.  The software I use is called Praat, and it can be useful for students to download a copy (it's free!) to compare their speech with that of native … [Read more...]


QUESTION: Rachel, I've been learning English for many years. Recently I began to learn with TV shows. I am puzzled by the word "the": in the dictionary it's marked as "ðə" (and " ði" before a vowel), but I hear that more like "də" and "di", is there … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Quiz Answers

Last week, I made a listening comprehension video while I was preparing food for Thanksgiving. You can see that video here, or below. The three questions follow, along with the answers. The transcript has the contractions from the three questions in … [Read more...]

Happy Idioms!


This illustration given to me by Kaplan International Colleges (see their original post) shows lots of fun ways to say "I'M HAPPY!!" … [Read more...]