This is a collection of all of the Rachel's English videos in the order they were produced, with the most recent videos first.

How to Pronounce TIRED


TIRED is a tough word to pronounce -- learn it sound by sound. Practice it slowly over and over to master this word! YouTube blocked? Click here to see the video. Video Text: In this American English … [Read more...]

The Book is HERE!!!!


I'm so happy to announce, that after months of hard work, my eBook, American English Pronunciation, is finally available! The book, which includes 2 and a half hours of audio, is priced at just $37. Get it today:  the Rachel's English guide to … [Read more...]

WHAT DID Reduction


'What did' is often reduced in conversational English ... that means it's not very clear.  Can you hear it in a sentence?  It can be just one syllable.  Learn how to understand this reduction when you hear it and pronounce it yourself, giving you … [Read more...]

How to Pronounce VULNERABLE


The Word 'vulnerable' is tough:  two Dark L's and the schwa-R sound.  Break this word down sound by sound an syllable by syllable to get comfortable pronouncing and using this word in English conversation. YouTube blocked? Click here to see the … [Read more...]