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Do you understand?  Got it!  Learn how to say this phrase comfortably in conversational English: what words or syllables to reduce, how to link … [Read More...]


“I gotta” is a common reduction in conversational English.  You’ll hear it many times in this real conversation video.  Study American culture as we … [Read More...]

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What should you say when you meet someone you know?  How's it going? What's up?  And how should you respond to these questions?  Feel at ease saying … [Read More...]


Speaking on the phone in a foreign language is always intimidating!  Learn some of the most common phrases used in the US when answering the phone. … [Read More...]

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'What did' is often reduced in conversational English ... that means it's not very clear.  Can you hear it in a sentence?  It can be just one … [Read More...]

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'As' and 'was' are often reduced in American English.  This makes it easier to say them quickly and provide important rhythmic contrast in sentences. … [Read More...]


The Word 'vulnerable' is tough:  two Dark L's and the schwa-R sound.  Break this word down sound by sound an syllable by syllable to get comfortable … [Read More...]

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