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In this Ben Franklin exercise, you’ll study real English conversation.  We’ll study everything we hear. Try this on your own to improve your listening … [Read More...]


English has eleven different vowels. It’s important to know the correct mouth position so you can get the vowel right:  study this vowel with … [Read More...]


Get familiar with the IPA symbols of the vowel sounds of American English. YouTube blocked? Click here to see the … [Read More...]


English is not phonetic – which causes a huge headache for non-native and native speakers alike! YouTube blocked? Click here to see the … [Read More...]

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Some non-native speakers, especially Spanish speakers, mix up the Y and J sounds in English pronunciation, so that 'yes' sounds like 'jess'. Learn how … [Read More...]


The R sound is one of the hardest sounds in American English.  Practice these exercises to relax around the R and speak effortlessly. YouTube … [Read More...]


A Syllabic Consonant is a consonant that replaces the vowel [ə] in a syllable. They make it possible to make some short syllables shorter and simpler. … [Read More...]


Learn how to break long words up and practice by stress:  stressed syllables on their own, and unstressed syllables together. YouTube blocked? Click … [Read More...]

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